Sara Sunstein works directly with your body and its innate ability to heal, helping you feel better quickly. Whether she is touching, speaking, or listening, she respects you and your body by moving-with, rather than judging, opposing, or forcing. All Sara's bodywork is gentle, affirming, and geared toward creating comfort in this very moment, comfort that leads beyond pain relief to genuine healing, from the inside out.

Sara's expertise includes:

         • releasing everyday stress, tensions, and pain of all sorts such as
                  computer, smart phone, and desk-job strains
                  headaches, sciatica, and neck pain
                  women's concerns
                  impact injuries, trauma, rehab
                  and more

         • enhancing function and ease

         • addressing emotional holding in the body

         • engaging imagery for healing

         • teaching

Sara offers you listening, presence, compassion, good-hearted humor, sensitivity, skillful touch, and many years experience. She especially likes working with people who are opening to themselves and want to actively participate in and understand their healing process.

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